How to measure your bolts

Are all motorbikes metric today?

The majority of modern bikes outside of ones manufactured in the U.S. will typically now use metric fasteners, and it's these fasteners you'll find available on this website. Metric and imperial fasteners are not cross compatible, so do not not try to install a metric nut or bolt into a thread designed for an imperial fastener, as this will result in damage. 

Step 1 - Thread Diameter

Measure the outside thread on one side of the bolt to the outside thread on the opposite side of the bolt. This measurement is the thread diameter, also referred to as the major diameter. A bolt with a thread diameter of 10 millimetres for example would be refered to as M10.

Step 2 - Thread Pitch

The thread pitch is the distance between the threads. A thread pitch of (1.25MM) means the distance between one thread crest and the next will measure 1.25 millimetres.

Step 3 - Bolt Length

The last measurement is the bolts length itself. This distance is measured from the bottom or underside of the head to the tip of the bolt.

Step 4 - Combine the measurements

These three measurements combined will give you the final measurement. For example, a bolt with a 10mm diameter, a 1.25mm pitch, and a 55mm length will be shown as M10 (1.25MM) X 55MM, with the 'M' refering to metric. To accurately match your bolts to the ones found on our website, we recommend the use of digital vernier calipers and a thread gauge tool.

If you have questions on the bolt size you need, contact us: info@avantmotodesign.com